Golf Pro Tips

Course Layout

 Our Director of Player Development, Kevin Estrella, walks you through El Macero Country Club hole by hole!

Hole #1 - Par 4

Setting the tone for the rest of the course, the first tee shot on this opening Par-4 demands accuracy. Not much relief if you go into the right rough and treeline. A large tier runs across this green, and it's best to miss pins on the right side.

Hole #2 - Par 5

The first Par-5 on the course penalizes players for going right on either first or second shots. Smart positioning leaves one 100 - 150 yards into the green, which demands an uphill approach shot to one of our most undulating greens.

Hole #3 - Par 3

The longest Par-3 showcases a large green protected by bunkers short-right and short-left. There is water that is reachable for errant shots left of the green, and it's best to be short of any pin rather than long. Par is a great score here.

Hole #4 - Par 4

A long Par-4 offers generous landing space off the tee, but generally leaves a lengthy approach shot. Taking aim at the dead center of this green is the best play - coming up short of this green doesn't hurt you.

Hole #5 - Par 5

Playing down the right side of this Par-5 is a must - left rough and treeline makes this hole play a lot harder. Try to position yourself about 100 -140 yards out on the right side of the fairway to approach this green.

Hole #6 - Par 4

El Macero's signature hole! Accuracy with your tee shot is demanding on this dogleg left Par-4. Long hitters can try flying over the large oak tree on the left corner of the fairway, but must be careful to not overshoot the fairway and end up in the right rough. Hitting the green in two is a great achievement on this memorable hole.

Hole #7 - Par 3

Our island Par-3 requires a confident tee shot. While these waters have claimed many a golf ball, this hole has also yielded more aces than any other at El Macero! Aim for the left edge of the front-right bunker to ensure any errant shots stay on the island.

Hole #8 - Par 4

Course management at its best leads to good scores on Hole #8. Ensure your club selection keeps the fairway bunkers out of play on this dogleg right Par-4. Staying short of the fairway bunkers is a smart play, even if it means taking driver out of your hands. A very approachable, large green awaits.

Hole #9 - Par 4

One of the prettiest approach shots to a greens complex at El Macero. Favor the left side of the fairway off the tee to avoid the trees in the right rough, and try to play approach shots to the right-center of the green - if this green is missed long or left, difficult short game plays remain.

Hole #10 - Par 4

The back nine starts with a dogleg left Par-4. The left corner can be cut off with any tee shot shaped from right to left. Course management tip - avoid the right fairway bunker, even if it means a longer approach shot. Favor the left side of any pin position with your approach shot.

Hole #11 - par 4

This is the most difficult hole on the back nine. A long Par-4 demands a very accurate tee shot to avoid tree trouble both left and right. If you find yourself without a clear alley to the green, play smart and layup or punch your ball back to the fairway or approach. A ridge separates this green into left and right sections - if you can, try to seek pin positions with your approach shot here to avoid putting across the ridge.

Hole #12 - Par 3

This Par-3 with water in play is unprotected from the wind - club selection is vital here to hit the green. There is a lot of green beyond the front-left bunker that isn't very visible from the tee. A large, undulating green is easy to three-putt, so take your time on chips and first putts from a distance control standpoint.

Hole #13 - Par 4

Distance off the tee is crucial for this dogleg right Par-4 to set yourself up for a clear alley to the green. Right rough and trees cause trouble, and long hitters need to avoid going through the dogleg into the left rough. Select a club that keeps you out of the fairway bunker, and aim for the center of the green regardless of the pin position.

Hole #14 - Par 4

Bunkers abound on this short Par-4. If you can maneuver through this hole without picking up a bunker rake, you've done a nice job! Center of green is the target on your approach, and driver isn't needed off this tee.

Hole #15 - Par 5

Hole #15 is the Par-5 on the course that has the lowest scoring average. A good drive sets up long hitters to go for the green in two shots. The only pitfalls here are bunkers about 60 yards from the green on either side of the fairway - either stay short of them purposely, or take enough club to ensure you carry them!

Hole #16 - Par 3

A solid Par-3 with bunkers protecting the front of the green. Errant shots right bring water into play, but this is a larger green than it appears from the tee - step up and make a confident swing shooting for the center of the green.

Hole #17 - Par 4

The final Par-4 on the course is a dogleg right, with a wide landing area off the tee. Bunkers protect the front of the green, and wind conditions play a large role on this approach shot. Staying below the pin is vital on this severely banked green - you'd rather be short than long on #17.

Hole #18 - Par 5

The finishing hole at El Macero is a Par-5 that is very well-protected by bunkers. If you are not a long  hitter going for the green in two shots, try positioning your second shot 100-150 yards from the green. This is a very wide green, but regardless of pin position, aiming for the center of the green is a smart play leaving yourself in 2-putt territory.

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