Junior Golf Offerings

El Macero Junior Program Goals

The junior golf programs the El Macero PGA Professional Staff manages, supports and executes are designed to introduce children to the game; provide unique approaches to play the game; and deliver world class coaching and mentoring to juniors.

PGA Sports Academy

5 Focus Areas

  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Golf Skills
  • Sportsmanship, Etiquette & Rules
  • Golf & Near-Golf Experiences
  • Golf & Skills Challenges

Once a junior golfer has gone through the assessment process, personalized action plans are created to move a student through the three levels of the PGA Sports Academy:

Player Level

  1. Develop an understanding of the sport of golf
  2. Learn fundamental movement and motor skills and link them together into the golf swing
  3. Use ball-striking games such as baseball and hockey to develop hand-eye coordination
  4. Establish essential safety and etiquette

Sport Level

  1. Develop fundamental golf movement skills and teach overall sports skills
  2. Learn scoring, the rules of golf and the process of playing a round of golf
  3. Establish target and alignment fundamentals and begin developing proper short-game skills

Champion Level

  1. Establish a knowledge base in the mental side of the sport
  2. Develop full sinw, short game and putting skills to a higher level
  3. Incorporate strength, stability and flexibility to improve performance and health
  4. Enhance performance by learning course management skills, STAT tracking, keeping a golf journal and advancing to national competitions

Junior Offerings

For Junior Offerings, please call the Golf Shop at 530-753-5621.

Parental Resources

Download our parental Resouce Guide PDF for more information on Junior Golf at El Macero.

Parental Resources Guide

PGA Jr. League

El Macero participated in the PGA Junior League for the first time in 2012, and we had a blast! This junior league offers a team-oriented approach that captures the interest of young golfers and allows the PGA Professional Staff at El Macero to work on all 5 of the key focus areas our entire junior golf program targets. 

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