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The Dress Code is intended to contribute to a Club atmosphere that is consistent with the traditions of golf and the neatness and decorum befitting a private country club. While El Macero Country Club is casual, informal, friendly and accepting, all attire worn at the club should be appropriate and in good taste and the following guidelines apply to everyone.


Clothing should be in good taste and players shall present a neat appearance. Golf appropriate footwear must be worn.

  • Men: Golf shirt with sleeves and collar (including mock collars), golf pants or shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh length). Shirts must be tucked or of a hemmed style intended to be worn outside the pants.
  • Women: Golf shirt with either sleeves or a collar (including scoop or mock), golf pants, capris and no
  • shorter than mid-thigh (shorts, skort, skirt or a dress).
  • Not acceptable on the golf course, driving range or practice facilities are non-golf athletic wear, yoga pants, baggy or unkempt pants or shorts (cannot hang below belt line), short-shorts, blue jeans of any kind, miniskirts, halter-tops, tank tops, beach attire or flip flops.


All players must wear only non-marking tennis shoes.

  • Men: Tennis shorts, collared shirts, warm-ups.
  • Women: Tennis shorts/skirts, shirts, dresses and warm-ups.
  • Tube tops, tank tops, sweat suits, jeans or beach attire are not allowed on the tennis court. Tennis attire is allowed in the clubhouse during the day.


  • Indoor Dining: Acceptable golf and tennis attire. Jeans (in good taste) are allowed in the clubhouse. Shoes or sandals required at all times. Hats are only allowed in the bar area, not the dining room.
  • Outdoor Dining: Beach/pool attire may be worn in the outside dining area, provided that women wear a tunic style cover-up over their bathing suit that is no shorter than mid-thigh length. Men must wear shorts or swimming trunks (no shorter than mid-thigh) and shirt (short or long-sleeved). If no outside service is available, diners can go inside the lounge/bar area to order, if complying with outdoor dining clothing requirements.
  • If clothes are designed to have stains, rips, tears or display offensive messages they are not considered appropriate or in good taste. Unacceptable attire includes sweatpants, halter-tops, muscle shirts, cut-offs, camisoles, bare midriff or visible undergarments.


  • Acceptable pool attire is required at all times in the pool, including bathing suits, rash guard shirts, and board shorts.
  • Unacceptable attire in the pool are cut off jeans and cotton clothing. Brazilian, thong, and string bathing suits are not allowed in or out of the pool.
  • Children not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers. Standard diapers are not allowed.
  • Cover ups are required when leaving the pool area.
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